The cabins are a family run business established in 1989.  Mark designed and built the cabins himself, and initially managed the cabins with his parents.  Julie met Mark in 2007, and now does the administration and day-to-day running of the cabins while Mark does any maintenance, especially that which involves large machines.  Mark’s mother still grows flowers for us to put in the cabins for guests.

    Mark and Julie have a keen interest in wildlife, and the woods are managed with that in mind.  There are many species of birds living in the woods, including Tawny Owls, Greater Spotted Woodpeckers and Tree-creepers.  Mark has put up a number of birdboxes, and you can watch the Blue Tits using them from the cabins.  There are normally some friendly Blackbirds and Robins around too.  The woods are mostly composed of Oak, Beech and Cherry, and there is also a diverse range of wildflowers, including dog violets, primroses and bluebells.  There are always plenty of squirrels to be seen, but there are also badgers, foxes and otters nearby though you are less likely to spot them.

    Mark and Julie are keen Lepidopterists, and regularly run a moth trap at their home and in the woods.  They have found more than 400 species so far, some of them new to the County or North Wales.